Filmfestivalen 2019

Filmfestivalen 2019

Muere, monstruo, muere

MainPosted by Martin 2019-02-04 00:41:15

Splatterdrama by Alejandro Fadel | 110min | Argentina

It was promised as an extreme monsterslasher. It's not. It starts with a slit throat, and intermittently some gore occurs, but that's it, splatter-wise.
Towards the end we get to see the admittedly grotesque monster in full view. Grotesque, yes, but hardly believable as an effective killer machine. It's basically a phallic and vaginal manatee, and just as graceful on land. The vast majority of the time it's just objectively ugly people not really talking or emoting. Yawn.

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Iron Sky The Coming Race

MainPosted by Martin 2019-02-02 17:10:12

Dinonaziscificomedyaction by Timo Vuorensola | 93min | Finland, GER, BEL

Reptilian nazis riding T Rexes on the moon, brought their by Steve Jobs worshipping apple fanboy cultists. What could possibly go wrong? Not much, although they could actually dial up the silliness even further. Nice jabs at abrahamic monotheism, catvideos and tinfoilery as well. Probably the second best film involving a spaceship heading to Mars I've seen today.

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MainPosted by Martin 2019-02-02 17:08:38

Spacelackingepos by Hugo Lilja, Pella Kågerman | 106min | Sweden

So this was more than a film. The screening I went to was an event, an experience specifically tailored. Keeping with and enhancing the theme of the film, a small group gathered in a gray industrial area and was led through the sludge to a warehouse, wherein eight sarcophagi lay waiting. We were to watch the film enclosed in said sarcophagus for the duration of the film.

The film itself is skillfully crafted, with excellent acting and imagery giving life to Martinsson's book. A dark and twisted Wall-E, and just as good.

The experience is definitely something to recommend. Or rather, I'd recommend it if there were any more opportunities, but alas, there's not. I suppose one could craft a sarcophagus and add a tablet to its ceiling. And until Aniara is released on streaming media or Blu-ray, any other claustrophobic films could do, such as Alien, Das Boot, Buried or others.

All in all, a memorable afternoon, on all accounts.

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Maximerat Animerat

MainPosted by Martin 2019-02-02 15:41:29
A cavalcade of various animated shorts.

Bloeistraat 11 | Nienke Deutz | 10min | BEL, NDL

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Cyclists | Veljko Popovic | 8min | CRO, FRA

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Untravel | Ana Nedeljkovic, Nikola Majdak Jr. | 10min | SRB, SLK

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Animal Behaviour | David Fine, Alison Snowden | 15min | Canada

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III | Marta Pajek | 13min | Poland

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Mr. Deer | Mojtaba Mousavi | 9min | Iran

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Egg | Martina Scarpelli | 13min | FRA, DEN

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Heroes | Juan Pablo Zaramella | 4min | Argentina

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Caterpillarplasty | David Barlow-Krelina | 6min | Canada

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Gloria Bell

MainPosted by Martin 2019-02-02 15:39:14

Nextparticipation by Sebastián Lelio | 102min | Chile, USA

Julianne Moore show, basically. She's absolutely brilliant, but kudos also to John Turturro, who definitely holds his own in this down-to-earth drama about embracing life after 55.

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Emma Peeters

MainPosted by Martin 2019-02-02 02:38:02

Morbromcom by Nicole Palo | 87min | BEL, CAN

Cosingly amusing. Could be darker, though, but the subtle references music and film history is a nice nod, and fits with the narrative nicely.

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Infinite Football

MainPosted by Martin 2019-02-02 02:37:00

Dreamacomedy by Corneliu Porumboiu | 71min | Romania

We're not sure if Laurentiu believes his stories and theories himself. The interviewer certainly has doubts, and so do we. It's laconic, it's dry, it's sometimes insightful. Very unspectacular.

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A Thousand Girls Like Me

MainPosted by Martin 2019-02-02 02:35:53

Abusetale by Sahra Mani | 76min | Afghanistan, FRA

Khatera is clearly a strong woman. Pregnant with her father's child, already raising her sister-daughter, she matter-of-factly tells of how her father constantly raped her and her mother. Not sentimental, not pulling on any emotional heartstrings, Mani manages to make the audience emphasize with Khatera, feeling her pain and resignation.

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