Filmfestivalen 2019

Filmfestivalen 2019


MainPosted by Martin 2019-02-02 17:08:38

Spacelackingepos by Hugo Lilja, Pella K├ągerman | 106min | Sweden

So this was more than a film. The screening I went to was an event, an experience specifically tailored. Keeping with and enhancing the theme of the film, a small group gathered in a gray industrial area and was led through the sludge to a warehouse, wherein eight sarcophagi lay waiting. We were to watch the film enclosed in said sarcophagus for the duration of the film.

The film itself is skillfully crafted, with excellent acting and imagery giving life to Martinsson's book. A dark and twisted Wall-E, and just as good.

The experience is definitely something to recommend. Or rather, I'd recommend it if there were any more opportunities, but alas, there's not. I suppose one could craft a sarcophagus and add a tablet to its ceiling. And until Aniara is released on streaming media or Blu-ray, any other claustrophobic films could do, such as Alien, Das Boot, Buried or others.

All in all, a memorable afternoon, on all accounts.

5 holodecks of 6