Filmfestivalen 2016

Filmfestivalen 2016

Film, film, film....

Another epic journey is coming up! I plan to go to such varied and diverse places as Colombia, Parallell Paris, India and Iran, and even travel through time, space and dreams. It's a cineastic journey, though. My flights will be the lobby, my accommodation will be the comfy chairs and my tour guides will be movie directors. It's time, again, for Göteborg Film Festival!

Microbe & Gasoile - Groad movie by Michel Gondry

Lilla FilmfestivalenPosted by Martin 2016-01-27 23:04

I have come to expect a certain level of weirdness and visual innovation from Gondry, but in M&G it's just too.... little. It's all too normal, and unfortunately the story is not gripping enough, nor are the protagonists fascinating enough to catch my attention. At least in the beginning; as the boys leave on their road trip, the pace quickens, and eventually Gondry's patented shenanigans shine through. It's too little, too late, though. Nevertheless, Microbe & Gasoile would probably have worked better without the high expectations.

Failed the Bechdel test

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Tout en haut du monde - Polarpushing by Rémi Chayé

Lilla FilmfestivalenPosted by Martin 2016-01-27 22:47

The first thing one notices is the amazing animation, drawing (no pun intended) from the franco-belgian bande dessinée tradition.

The story seems, at least casually, inspired by Pullman's His dark materials : A girl hides in a place of learning, overhears about the exploits of her older relative in the far north and decides to go herself.

But there are no daemons here, or magic, other than the magic of friendship and self-growth. A rather straightforward story, told in a no-nonsense way, makes for an entertaining journey from St Petersburg to Novaja Zemlja, Franz Joseph's Land and back. It would have benefitted from more tension and drama, but all in all, it's a visually stunning film about overcoming one's own doubts.

Passed the Bechdel test.

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