Filmfestivalen 2016

Filmfestivalen 2016

Film, film, film....

Another epic journey is coming up! I plan to go to such varied and diverse places as Colombia, Parallell Paris, India and Iran, and even travel through time, space and dreams. It's a cineastic journey, though. My flights will be the lobby, my accommodation will be the comfy chairs and my tour guides will be movie directors. It's time, again, for Göteborg Film Festival!

Petting Zoo - Teenpregdrama by Micah Magee

New voicesPosted by Martin 2016-02-16 21:41

As dramas about teen pregnancies go, Petting Zoo isn't bad. It isn't good either. It's not overly dramatic, and while most actors, amateurs as they are, range from questionable to meh, Devon Keller in the lead is actually quite convincing.

And the director is nice in person.

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Kothanodi - fearfantasy by Bhaskar Hazarika

New voicesPosted by Martin 2016-02-02 23:11

In the norternmost parts of India, fairytale tradition still lives on, and Hazarika has filmed some of those folk tales as a commentary on today's situation for some girls in the area. While the stories ranges from weird to gruesome, the symbolism is somewhat lost on this troper. What does a vegetable (in which there apperently is an albino baby) following a woman around mean? Is the tale where a girl is married off to a python, believed to be an angel in disguise, an allegory on how marrige consumes everything?

The four folktales are told intertwined, which is a nice move, and done quite well. The evil stepmom is Carrie's mum caliber nasty, and the burial of the firstborn is a ritual that still goes on in some places in India.

Sadly, the production doesn't really hold water. The acting is subpar, the special effects unintentionally laughable and whomever was in charge of audio should be sent back to school.

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