Filmfestivalen 2016

Filmfestivalen 2016

Film, film, film....

Another epic journey is coming up! I plan to go to such varied and diverse places as Colombia, Parallell Paris, India and Iran, and even travel through time, space and dreams. It's a cineastic journey, though. My flights will be the lobby, my accommodation will be the comfy chairs and my tour guides will be movie directors. It's time, again, for Göteborg Film Festival!

Je suis à vous tout de suite (I'm all yours) - Esteemdramedy by Baya Kasmi

The Divine comedyPosted by Martin 2016-02-06 13:21

As lighthearted French comedies go, I'm all yours is the darkest ever, as we slowly and painfully get to realise. Though the tone is light and there are chuckles aplenty, the darkness creeps in. It's not a dark comedy, it's more of a mood dissonance thing, and as such is difficult to judge. The leads are brilliant, as is the mother. It's obvious how environment sometimes trumps genetics when shaping a person. I just can't seem to be as moved as I should.

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