Filmfestivalen 2016

Filmfestivalen 2016

Film, film, film....

Another epic journey is coming up! I plan to go to such varied and diverse places as Colombia, Parallell Paris, India and Iran, and even travel through time, space and dreams. It's a cineastic journey, though. My flights will be the lobby, my accommodation will be the comfy chairs and my tour guides will be movie directors. It's time, again, for Göteborg Film Festival!

Room - Bottle episode by Lenny Abrahamson

GalaPosted by Martin 2016-02-07 22:35

This is essentially two films in one, one after the other. It's hard to tell whether each had worked on its own, but I for one think that the two halves compliment each other, making their counterparts better for the experience. Claustrophobic and intense, the opening act deals with the handling of despair and how to not transfer that despair to the next generation, seeing that they have no way of relating to the outside world.

The closing act deals with transition and possible consequences, and an uncertainty of the unknown. And both acts are brilliant on their own, but even moreso when joined together. Abrahamson pulls just the right strings, balancing the emotional tightrope without failing. The dialogue is spot on, the set design praiseworthy and the supporting cast kicks arse (have Joan Allen and William H Macy ever faltered?). But, due to the films central plot, it would have failed without convincing leads. Brie Larson is nominated for a best actress Oscar, and rightfully so. But the real star is actually 6 year old Jacob Tremblay. He's simply terrific, and I don't mean that as in "he's terrific, for a kid that age". He's simply terrific in his own right.

Due to inconvenient ferry traffic, I realised I wouldn't make it to my intended film across the river, and so swapped my ticket for this screening of Room instead. I suppose I got lucky, and I hope Room will get distribution nationwide.

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