North America 2009

North America 2009


Well. At some point I had to break the Southern Hemisphere tradition and stick to the north, and thus travelling in June-Augustish.
And at some point I had to break the Eastern Hemisphere tradition and head west. And thus, USA/CAN, here I come!

A Midsummer night's dream

BeforePosted by Martin 2009-06-20 16:14:30

I dreamed of decent leg room. I dreamed of adequately tasty meals. I dreamed of complementery beer. I dreamed of on-flight entertainment where you could choose your film from a variety of options, and even be able to watch it. Domesticallly, I even dreamed of any food at all.

Those where my midsummer night's dreams, none of which came true, thanks to AA:s rather dubious customer policy.

On the other hand, I dreamed of me AND my luggage arriving safely in San Francisco on time. I dreamed of finding a nice hostel. I dreamed of having a beer and a snaps. Now, those dreams came true.

I'm in America, and the adventure begins!

The final countdown - Europe

BeforePosted by Martin 2009-06-18 13:01:03
San Francisco - Hello Saferide
Airplane Food/Airplane Fast Food - Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine
America - Simon & Garfunkel
Leaving on A Jet Plane - John Denver
Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers
America - Silent Parliament
Minutes to Midnight - Midnight Oil

Those are just a few of the songs that spring to mind. Now I wish a happy Midsummer's eve to all those I leave behind.


BeforePosted by Martin 2009-05-09 10:49:22
The countdown has started. Two weeks to go, six weeks to travel. And so preparations should be made. Which I've made.
A place to stay in San Fran is now booked. And in New York. And again in New York.
The big stuff's already taken care of: Time off work, flight tickets, transportation across the USA and the Canada. Also Alcatraz.
America, baby!