North America 2009

North America 2009


Well. At some point I had to break the Southern Hemisphere tradition and stick to the north, and thus travelling in June-Augustish.
And at some point I had to break the Eastern Hemisphere tradition and head west. And thus, USA/CAN, here I come!

Okej (Nu Tar Vi Dom, Nu Tar Vi Dom)

CanadaPosted by Martin 2009-07-19 15:51:17

The land of maple syrup, mounties and lacrosse was now ready for exploring. Toronto, with its magnificent view from the CN Tower, was first on the agenda. It's a decent enough city, and it has a bit of a nightlife, which was utilised. It also has the Hockey Hall of Fame, but unfortunately it was closing within five minutes when I arrived, so the $15 it cost didn't feel like good value.

Although smaller, Ottawa is the capitol, and a very nice one at that. Byward market is a place to wander and wonder for quite some time, and the official buildings, such as the Parliament, have an almost European feel to them, partly because of the British Empire-ish guards watching the place.

And just outside of Ottawa there lies an old quarry, which now serves as the location for Canadas highest bungy jump. I got slightly wet.