North America 2009

North America 2009


Well. At some point I had to break the Southern Hemisphere tradition and stick to the north, and thus travelling in June-Augustish.
And at some point I had to break the Eastern Hemisphere tradition and head west. And thus, USA/CAN, here I come!

Into the night

CanadaPosted by Martin 2009-07-22 05:27:18

Leaving Ontario, we set forth for the french speaking parts of Oh Canada. Straight over the border to Quebec lies Montréal, the host of the 1976 summer olympics. The river flows quickly at points and with the assistance of a specifically designed jet boat, we challanged and conquered the grade 4 and 5 rapids.

The combination of Montréal's bustling nightlife, the ongoing festival Jusqua pour Rire, and the fact that we all had nice clean beds to stumble into afterwards led to a night of barcrawling and clubhopping. It was good fun, as was the restaurant we patronized the second night:
O Noir, a theme restaurant whose theme is exactly what it says on the tin. Where the blind literary lead the (temporarily) blind. The place is completely void of the tiniest shimmer of light, leaving it pitch black. You can't see your hand in front of you, much less the food you're eating. As the other senses enhance, you get an insight (infeel? inhear?) as to what it's like to be blind. A must have experience!