North America 2009

North America 2009


Well. At some point I had to break the Southern Hemisphere tradition and stick to the north, and thus travelling in June-Augustish.
And at some point I had to break the Eastern Hemisphere tradition and head west. And thus, USA/CAN, here I come!

Leaving New York

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As planned, I returned to the Staten Island ferry with a bigass tele lens. This time I got some closer-up shots of Lady Liberty, and headed thereafter north to Noho, Soho, Nolita and other acroyms. Unheard of music was shopped at Other Music, whisky and stout were drunk at Whiskey Ward, as was I. Met a lovely Tennessee girl named Micha and her friend, and I stayed at the WW longer than expected. However, I had a prior engagement and sauntered on to meet Cristina for dinner on this my last night in New York. Afterwards, it was time to discover some new local musical talent at Mercury Lounge. The last band on stage called themselves Nightmare of You, and they were so good that I paid the ten bucks for their CD. An hour later I was back in Harlem for my last night on this trip.

As it clearly takes a lot of time to go to JFK, I went up, packed my stuff, checked out and went to the Apple store to buy iPhones for my cousins and/or their husbands. No such deal, though, as they could only be purchased with a two year contract with AT&T.

And then, the three hour subway/train ride to John F Kennedy Airport, and here endeth the journey.