North America 2009

North America 2009


Well. At some point I had to break the Southern Hemisphere tradition and stick to the north, and thus travelling in June-Augustish.
And at some point I had to break the Eastern Hemisphere tradition and head west. And thus, USA/CAN, here I come!

Singin' in the Rain

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Before I went to check out my hostel's free and very generous brekkie buffet (bagels, muffins, brewed coffee, OJ, cereal) I packed my daypack with rain gear, just in case. After about three hours of hiking in Central Park I kinda regretted carrying all that extra weight, a regret I would soon not have.

I met Cristina for a picnic lunch in Central Park, and then we started exploring downtown.

Madison Avenue, Grand Central, Chrysler Building, Madison Square, Bryant Park, Flatiron Building, Union Square and Washington Square were all visited and looked upon and/or within. However, the walk from Central Park's south end to the area around Bleecker St (around 55 blocks) took longer than expected, due to the frequently added seeking-shelter-from-the-heaviest-rain breaks we had to do. But all in all, the sunny/cloudy/rainy sky offered some great light for photography and a lot of ground was covered. Also, Cristina splashed around in the fountain in Was. Sq. Like a happy happy kid.

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