Southern Africa 2008

Southern Africa 2008

Ala kulli hali...

Ever since I was a kid and saw that nature show featuring a chimp travelling the African savannah in a jeep, observing the wildlife, I've wanted to go there. And so, since I'm still a kid at heart but have slightly more money, the course is set for those African skies! The amazing nature, the rhythm and music and culture, the big five, the cradle of mankind and let's not forget the sipping of cool umbrella drinks in a hammock hanging from a palmtree by a tropical beach.
Africa, baby!

Culture and history

South AfricaPosted by Martin 2008-02-17 21:17

No visit to South Africa is complete without getting some form of hands-on experience in what was reality in the country as recently as 14 years ago. I visited a township to see the living conditions there, then went to Robben Island, whereupon I caught a glance and a snap of the prison cell Mr. Nelson Mandela was held in for thirty years. These tours I highly recommend.

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