Southern Africa 2008

Southern Africa 2008

Ala kulli hali...

Ever since I was a kid and saw that nature show featuring a chimp travelling the African savannah in a jeep, observing the wildlife, I've wanted to go there. And so, since I'm still a kid at heart but have slightly more money, the course is set for those African skies! The amazing nature, the rhythm and music and culture, the big five, the cradle of mankind and let's not forget the sipping of cool umbrella drinks in a hammock hanging from a palmtree by a tropical beach.
Africa, baby!

Puttin' on the Ritz

South AfricaPosted by Martin 2008-02-29 08:13

Jo'burg is a vast city, and you really don't venture there on your touristy own. That's why I took some halfday tours, one to Soweto (where I stepped into Nelson's old house) and one to the city centre. In addition to those trips I've managed to do some pre-departure shopping, most notably wads of US$ cash but also nature books, bug repellant and a suave hat.

The Backpacker's Ritz was one of the best hostels I've experienced, but now my leisurely ways are over. Yesterday I started my wilderness journey (more about Kruger NP in an upcoming post), along with a surprisingly small group consisting of Aussie Russel, pommie Jody, German Sebastian and Sydneysiders Belinda and Rowena.

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