Southern Africa 2008

Southern Africa 2008

Ala kulli hali...

Ever since I was a kid and saw that nature show featuring a chimp travelling the African savannah in a jeep, observing the wildlife, I've wanted to go there. And so, since I'm still a kid at heart but have slightly more money, the course is set for those African skies! The amazing nature, the rhythm and music and culture, the big five, the cradle of mankind and let's not forget the sipping of cool umbrella drinks in a hammock hanging from a palmtree by a tropical beach.
Africa, baby!

One flight down

BeforePosted by Martin 2007-08-27 23:26
And so, with the confirmation of my safari I was able to book flights. Through my travel agent, who offered me a 25 hour trip via Doha and a 21 trip back for roughly SEK8500? Nosireebob, I make my own arrangements, thank you very much. Through Orbitz I found flights clocking in 17 h down, 14 h up and billing me SEK7100. If you want something done, you'd better do it yourself. Anyway, as of lunch, Thursday Feb 14 I'm off, landing in Cape Town in the morning. And then it's Africa, baby! I can almost hear the roaring of the gazelles, the chattering of the crocodiles and the rumble of the jungle.

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